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New Housing

How to Apply for AMIHA Housing

Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete a housing application and provide the required documentation.  To download the application click on  Forms, and select AMIHA Applications and select "Housing Application" or contact AMIHA staff to request an application.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by Abriana Soto, Housing Management Manager, and you will be notified by mail if your application is approved or denied.
  3. Once approved you will be placed on the housing waiting list.
  4. Stay up to date- every year you will be required to update your housing application along with verifications required.

Eligibility for New Housing

To be eligible for AMIHA housing programs you must meet the following criteria:

  • An applicant must be a member of a Tribe that is served by AMIHA
  • An applicant must qualify as a “FAMILY”
  • The applicant’s “TOTAL FAMILY INCOME” as defined under Chapter 2, Section 2-35, does not exceed 80% of the applicable income limit
  • An applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  • Applicant must apply annually to remain on the Waiting/Pending list
  • All applicants selected for participation in a home ownership program must successfully complete a two class, home ownership coursework before occupancy can occur. These courses are available at the AMIHA offices and presented by AMIHA staff

AMIHA Homeowners:

AMIHA is required do a Re-Certification of every AMIHA participant that occupies an AMIHA home every three years. When your Re-Certification is due, you will be mailed a Continued Occupancy Application. You are required to complete the forms and return them to AMIHA within 30 days, even if there are no changes in your income or family composition. The purpose of the Re-Certification is to determine whether there needs to be an adjustment, increase, or decrease, of the participant’s monthly payment. 

In addition, to the three year Re-Certification, each participant will be provided a “Change of Income Check List” annually. This is for each participant to identify and submit any changes to the annual income. The participant is required to return the “Change of Income Check List” to AMIHA within 30 days, even if there have not been any changes in the family income.

 Waiting List Applicants:

It is the responsibility of each applicant to update their application on an annual basis.  To remain on the waiting list, an applicant must continue to update his/her application and remain eligible for the housing program.  Applicants who fail to update their application with their most recent eligibility date will be placed in an inactive file and will lose their original application date.

For more information contact Abriana Soto, Housing Management Manager at  email or Rozee Blanco, Housing Specialist, at or call contact them at the office 951-760-7390.

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